Sekolah Kebun Akhir Minggu #SEKAM I Weekend Gardening School

#Sekam is design to give basic education on gardening and life skills by using permaculture principle and ethics and creative gardening methods.  

#SEKAM officially have started a pilot project workshop basic gardening for kids in September 2014, In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Sekam runs the gardening workshop at kebunrumahkita home garden, where public are welcome to come and learn about gardening methods and skills with #sekam each 1st and 3rd week of each month.

The three objective of this project was develop by using the permaculture ethics that is Care for earth, Care for the people and fair-share, this should give a basic understanding about changing the way of life to a more greener and healthier ways, that is beyond profit making and product.

The objective of this project is;

  • to educate and share skills on gardening using permaculture principle and technique,
  • to empower children on the sharing concept thru growing food together, share and enjoy the harvest.
  • to promote care for earth for sustainable way of life thru  small act like growing food and gardening.

Our expectation with SEKAM, it will encourage them to

  • grow their food garden to encourage healthy eating,
  • the young people have knowledge about their food and develop skill on how to grow their own food organically.
  • to grow the spirit of working together thru gardening.
  • Grow the love for mothernature