Kebun Setaman Pejeng Small scale learning farm using permaculture ethics and principle methods in promoting regenerative agriculture


KSP is an exciting and much needed initiative for Indonesia lead by an experienced crew of art workers, community leaders and farmers. I visited Pejeng in October 2015 as part of a scoping study for a reputable funding organisation to determine the range of emerging future projects in Indonesia that could be used as a case study for future funding initiatives. There was no question about including KSP as one of our lead case studies. From their embedded community engagement process, to their innovative use and application of technology and creativity to the urgent issues facing the agricultural and community economic livelihood of the local area—there is much to be be applauded here. Significantly, leadership models are folded into a process with material outcomes, that are designed around the long term sustainable participation of the population. Initiatives such as the mapping project, as one of many examples, not only allow for but pivot on the back of the creative participation of young people in a process that has material benefits for the local community (enhanced biodiversity and food production; local knowledge and self-determination in local governance structures)

Rebecca Conroy

Pada saat saya berkunjung, KSP masih dalam tahapan pembentukan, meskipun sudah terlihat hasil kerja keras teman-teman disana dari tanaman pangan yang ada.  Akan lebih menarik apabila KSP dapat menarik minat anak2 di desa sekitar untuk terlibat karena akan memberikan nilai lebih. Harapan saya, KSP menjadi sebagai referensi spot-spot permakultur serupa, menjadi rumah belajar yang menyenangkan, menjadi inspirasi kepada petani muda dan anak-anak.

Janti Wignjopranoto