#farmdiary Process of redesign #kebunsetamanpejeng

From time to time one of the things that we recheck and inspect around the farm is our swale, as some need to level, some areas of the farm need to rework on the swales to texturing the landscape with both purpose and beauty Swale is important because it acts to catch water as it drains and hold it in place until it absorbs into the ground. This is the basic concept and understanding why we should have swale around our farm or garden. Beside that, “a swale on contour also aims to keep all the water in place until it is absorbed” Swale also use as diversion ditches which are meant to “slow down the movement of water in order to allow it to partially absorb, catch sediment, and/or prevent erosion.

Process of redesign #kebunsetamanpejeng , doing the current mapping of the existing design to redesign some area of the farm. Next is to identified areas that need to rework and redesign.


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